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Here’s What Our Members Are Saying

Jonathan - "It's an incredible group and I've learned a ton especially all the aspects of yield farming that I didn't even know existed before I joined"

Kieren D - "I couldn't have placed myself in a better group on the planet"

Julie - "I'm learning to take profits and find better interest rates. This is the most fun I had making money since I was a cocktail waitress."

Robert G - "Literally brought stability into my crypto life. Lots of Alpha all the time."

Adam - "I'm producing about $1000 a day on all my farming."

Brad - "I could have never done that on my own. It would have taken years."

Julie - "I'm learning so much"

Robert M - "All the people in this community helped me with this very steep learning curve"

Angelo - "Made $14,000 in 2 minutes"

Tom - "I learned a lot from Yieldfarming. I was more fluent in the language than I ever thought"

Barry - "I love this group"

Ben - "I'm making 50% a day, so that's pretty awesome"

 "I'm very inspired and encouraged by everyone here"

Scott - "Long story short, there was a 4,000% gain and my $180 turned into $3200!"

Rob - "Winning by learning from Winners"

Paul - "Win in just 2 days!"

Scott - "Ended with an additional $135k on a 2 month average base of approximately $975k!

Adam - "Spent 2.318 Eth Value ATM 4.8 Eth"

Desmo - "FP is sitting at 51 SOL 35x return in five weeks"

Desmo - "I hit 6x on the investment, then paid 20% tax to exit the position with a 4.2x return"

Markus - "I've locked about 6k in profit but I'm up about 15-20K on a 250K portfolio"

Logan - "Not the most massive win ever, but no complaints on the 50% ROI"

Eric - "Game hasn’t even been released yet and I’m up over $1200 with a $450 initial investment in just one week!"

Damon - "I got into it with $18,000 in cake and luckily cake went up and paid a yield of 60%!"

Scott - "Up about $115k on average base of $536k invested over the month"

Fame - "Started in Jan and today I officially made back what I paid to be a member of this"

Gerardo - "Gain $883 in 20 days"

Luke - "For me the biggest step is the first"

Scott - "That $300 turned into $1000 in about 45 mins"

Brandon - "I finally feel confident in swaps, cross chain movement, depositing into farms and LP's"

William - "Farm was 3Tumb Finance 30k for a 600% gain"

Patrick - "This community is really amazing!"

Ricardo - "I invested about $3000 about 18 days ago and have since doubled my money"

Sabby - "Hit over $10,000 in profits"

Greg - "Got $25K working for me at 45% on synapse"

Daniel - "First pool at 73.8% with directional risk."

Bryan - "10x in profits pulled in 45 minutes"

Pete - "Getting about 40% on APY on stable coins."

Andrew - "80% on Frost Finance in one weekend, and 120% a month later"

Kevin - "Over $200K in profits in the last month"

Angelo - "Sold my Jade within 30 minutes for a 10x return"

Jim - "I managed to get past the roadblocks and I have 25K earning yield"

Chad - "30% growth in 31 days, and completely made back the investment in this course twofold"

Barry - "$9,700 in... up to $21,000 in 5 days"

Will - “I’m up 17% in a matter of 1-2 days.”

Barry - "$30,054 profit in 44 days"

Victor - "On my first day out of military in my new job as full-time investor I made a clean 7x"

Laura - “APR of 189%”

Zach - "Made my first $1K since joining with Axial and Jade Protocol"

J.P. - “To me it is bigger than money”

Leigh - “This is a beautiful community!”

Barry - "$12,000+ in 12 days"

Kevin - “Exceeded all expectations”

Laura - "Made $10,000+ this week"

Tony - "Gain $2,278 in the first month on $20k investment"

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