Welcome To The Power Of Yield Farming

Right now, Yield Farming is arguably the most exciting investment opportunity. Yet, almost no one in the world has mastered it yet. That’s why we put together a suite of programs (both free and paid) teaching how you can profit from DeFi.

If you’re new to this world, we suggest starting with our free Beat The Banks group, but if you’re a serious investor with significant potential gains and you want more advanced step-by-step coaching then you should look into our private mastermind. 

Join The Best Community For You…

Beat The Banks

  • Free circle group
  • ​Yield Farming Interviews, Live streams, Q&A Sessions
  • ​Plus additional resources and training from our coaches
  • ​Thousands of Yield Farmers discussing and networking
  • ​Learn the basics so you can start building up your portfolio

Yield Farming Mastermind

  • Advanced mastermind for serious investors available by application only
  • Hands-on coaching from a team of vetted expert full-time yield farmers
  • ​20+ hours of premium step-by-step training lessons
  • ​Private online community that’s a virtual “brain magnet” of high net worth individuals to share ideas and research
  • ​Get your questions answered via live streams, weekly Q&A sessions, and ongoing research to maximize your returns
This is for you if you have MORE than $30,000 in crypto you can use for Yield Farming.

Angelo - "Made $14,000 in 2 minutes"

Ben - "I'm making 50% a day, so that's pretty awesome"

 "I'm very inspired and encouraged by everyone here"

Scott - "That $300 turned into $1000 in about 45 mins"

William - "Farm was 3Tumb Finance 30k for a 600% gain"

Sabby - "Hit over $10,000 in profits"

Greg - "Got $25K working for me at 45% on synapse"

Bryan - "10x in profits pulled in 45 minutes"

Andrew - "80% on Frost Finance in one weekend, and 120% a month later"

Kevin - "Over $200K in profits in the last month"

Barry - "$9,700 in... up to $21,000 in 5 days"

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